Surfer Dad Surf Blog with Sensational Surfing Photos and Videos

Surfer Dad Surf Blog with Sensational Surfing Photos and Videos

Surfing dad blogs The UK-based surf site Surfer Dad features amazing surfing images and videos. Additionally, it includes father experiences, surf news, and reviews. Reviews of surfing-related music, movies, books, and gear are also included on the blog. Even tournaments and other surfing-related activities are held on the website. 

Continue reading to discover more about the fantastic surfing on the surfer dad blog. Photos. Additionally, you’ll discover the top advice for snapping amazing surfing pictures. The surfer dad surf blog has something for everyone, and you’ll love it! 

Dad Surfer Surf Blog 

An English-language surf blog called Surfer Dad’s Surf Blog includes thrilling surfing news, videos, and images. It also includes reviews, vacation stories, and father experiences. News about surfboards, competitions, books, and music are also available. Everyone can find something on this website. 

A great sport for the whole family is surfing. It not only encourages physical fitness but also provides an excellent cardiovascular workout. It is a great method to share your knowledge and pick up new skills. 

Surfing is a fantastic kind of exercise, but it’s also very risky. Automobile accidents claim the lives of people every day, while surf accidents do not. If you don’t surf, you might want to think about taking extra safety measures to protect yourself and leaving the rest to God. A first aid pack will come in handy if you ever find yourself in danger. 

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Warshaw, Matt 

Check out Matt Warshaw’s surfer dad surf blog if you want a fresh perspective on the genre and some amazing surfing pictures. Warshaw is a prolific author who has written numerous books and numerous features for the surfing community. Numerous publications, such as The Surfer magazine, History of Surfing, and The Encyclopedia of Surfing, have included his art. Additionally, he maintains a website called Above the Roar where he publishes interviews and surfing-related history. 

Although Matt Warshaw was born and raised in North Florida and Delmarva, it was his late father who taught him how to surf. Additionally, he went to the University of North Florida and graduated with a master’s in history. Later, he made his home in San Francisco’s gritty Ocean Beach surfing neighbourhood, where he worked as a reporter for ten years. His writing career got its start while he was a reporter for Folio Weekly, where he covered the surf culture, dodgy real estate deals, and up-and-coming art and music movements. 

The New York Times, Outside Magazine, and SURFER have published his writing. He also performs on tour with The Mothers Gooses, a garage-surf band. Samantha, who is married to him, works as a public defender for the Fourth Judicial Circuit. 

Brazilian Dad Surfer 

A powerful surfer who blogs about surfing with stunning images is a Brazilian surfer’s father who is said to have affected Gabriel’s career. Gabeira was 14 when he first discovered surfing, and he grew up in a surfing family with strong morals. His father was well-known for being an avid surfer and being a Green Party supporter. At age 19, Gabeira began his career after becoming a Billabong sponsored athlete. 

The father of well-known surfer Gabriel Medina from Brazil is also a surfer. He has won two world championships and is renowned for his zeal for victory. Additionally, he is the father of Team USA Olympian Caroline Marks, the youngest woman to be accepted onto the women’s Championship Tour. He has participated in many firsts and is always aiming to be the greatest. 

Derek Rabelo recently discussed his experience in an interview with surfing. Rabelo overcame his impairment as a blind child to become an inspiration for professional surfers. On the North Shore of Oahu, he had a fantasy of surfing the well-known Pipeline wave. He started a three-year training programme, and he still motivates people to pursue their goals. 

Combining Elements to Create Amazing Surfing Images 

Being able to vary things up a bit is one of the secrets to taking amazing surfing pictures. The viewer’s attention might be drawn in by a small amount of interest in the foreground, whether you are photographing high-action surfing or landscapes. Beachgoers and distant scenery can also convey a sense of location to the viewer. 

Depending on the time of day, the sky’s colours might reflect on the water’s surface and give photographs a ghostly appearance. The hues of the sky compliment the waves, making for the most spectacular surfing photographs early in the morning after sunrise. Similarly, low light conditions and a calming wind are ideal for taking images of the sun setting. As a result, the surf is glassy. 

Your images’ quality can be raised by switching the mode on your camera. It’s crucial to realise that the photo’s outcome might be influenced by the surfer’s face size. In order to improve your chances of capturing an eye-catching moment, you can also use a burst mode. You should be aware that this will deplete your memory card as well. 

You should purchase a waterproof housing for your camera if you plan to shoot from the water. This is crucial since shooting from the water can be slippery, putting you at risk of accidents or other dangers. You can snap better images of the waves if you take the time to learn how to surf. 

The aperture of the camera should also be taken into account. A narrow depth of field will be produced by using a wide aperture. The surfer may lose focus as a result of this. Use a long lens to get an in-depth shot if the surfer’s face is in the background of the picture. 

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Conditions for surfing photos are variable. 

It’s crucial to take into account the time of day and the light when taking surf shots. In the morning and the evening, the sun’s rays will bounce off the waves, and the water’s reflections will mirror the colours of the sky, making amazing backlit photographs. The best time to take surf shots is just before sunset since the wind has dropped down and the water has turned glassy. 

Outstanding pictures will result from the water’s clarity and the surfer’s sharpness. Without a question, surf photography is a potent instrument for telling stories. The best moments occur when the people involved are at ease and having a good time, even though the most thrilling parts of the day frequently include a spectacular wave and gorgeous tropical surroundings. 

Photographs of surfing in stormy situations 

Taking pictures during a storm might be difficult. Although the waves may be erratic, your surfer will need to pull off a remarkable manoeuvre to remain in the frame. It is crucial to pick a tripod and stabilise your lens in these circumstances. You can capture a sharp photo and prevent camera shake this way. 

A camera with a waterproof pouch is necessary to keep equipment dry. Think about the environment as a whole, including the ocean and sky. During surfing competitions, blown sand, rain, and salty spray are frequent occurrences. Along with the aforementioned advice, you should spend some time learning more about post-processing. 

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