How to sign up for AmazonSmile 

AmazonSmile is a way customers can support their favorite charitable organization every time they shop with Amazon, at no additional cost. 

When you shop using AmazonSmile, you’ll find the same Amazon storefront you know and love, with the added bonus that AmazonSmile will donate a portion of the eligible purchase price to the charity of your choice, at no additional cost. 

Below are the steps to get started on your desktop and mobile devices. 

How to sign up for AmazonSmile 

How to use AmazonSmile on a web browser: 

  1. Visit 
  1. Sign in with the same account you use for 
  1. Select your charity 
  1. Start shopping! Remember to checkout at to generate donations for your chosen charity. 
    Tip: Add a bookmark to make it easier to shop at 

How to use AmazonSmile using the Amazon app on your mobile phone: 

  1. Open the Amazon Shopping app 
  1. Navigate to the main menu (
  1. Tap on Settings and then select “AmazonSmile” 
  1. Select your charity and then follow the on-screen instructions to turn ON AmazonSmile in the mobile app 
  1. Once AmazonSmile has been activated in your app, future eligible app purchases will generate a donation for the charity you have selected. 
    Note: The tablet app is not yet supported. Please visit to learn more. 

How Do I Choose My Charity? 

Once signed into AmazonSmile, you will be prompted to pick a charity. You can choose one from the provided list or type in another of your choosing. There are more than 1 million eligible 501(c)(3) charities listed.3 

Once you do that, a percentage of your purchase price on many, but not all, items will be donated to the charity of your choice. During future visits to the site, AmazonSmile will remember your charity and apply eligible purchases towards your total contribution—it is that easy. 

How Does the Donation Work on AmazonSmile? 

Keep in mind that, unless your nonprofit or charity has registered with AmazonSmile, your accrued donations will go to another registered cause after eight quarters. 

If you are wondering if your preferred organization is registered with AmazonSmile, you can reach out to it via email or social media before selecting them from the AmazonSmile charity list. Many charities promote AmazonSmile on their websites. 

AmazonSmile will also notify that organization that they need to register to receive donations from your eligible purchases once you select them in your account. 


You must remember to go to AmazonSmile each time you shop for all of this to work. So, consider bookmarking the site or use Amazon Assistant. 

You can also use the Amazon mobile app on your phone or other mobile devices to access AmazonSmile. Just log on to the app, look for AmazonSmile in the menu, and follow the directions.4 

What Items Are Eligible for AmazonSmile Donations? 

On AmazonSmile, there are millions of items for sale. Many but not all are eligible for a donation. When you purchase an eligible item, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price. The purchase price does not include rebates, shipping & handling, gift-wrapping fees, taxes, or service charges. 

In short, only the individual cost of the eligible item (after sales and discounts) will qualify for the 0.5% donation. 


Before you check out, make sure your purchase qualifies. Look for the “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation” stamp in the product’s description. If it is not there, the product will not count toward your total donation. 

Returned items do not count toward the donation amount, and “Subscribe and Save” purchases are also ineligible. 

Are AmazonSmile Contributions Tax Deductible? 

Because the AmazonSmile Foundation makes the donations, they are not tax-deductible by the consumer. You must donate cash or property yourself to qualify for charitable tax deductions. 

How AmazonSmile Works for Charities 

If you are a charitable nonprofit or fundraiser wondering if AmazonSmile is a good option, you probably have a few questions and concerns. 

First, you must be a registered 501(c)(3) public charity in good standing with the IRS. 

You can sign up quickly on Amazon’s Org Central page. Once you have entered your qualified 501(c)(3) organization name or employer identification number (EIN) and submitted all necessary information, you will be able to receive donations from the AmazonSmile Foundation once your account is approved. 

Why Should You Register for AmazonSmile? 

You should register with AmazonSmile just in case your supporters have already designated you to receive their donations. 

Consumers can search for your organization, and your charity may be listed but unclaimed on AmazonSmile. When the charity has not registered yet, the consumer’s eligible purchase donation will go in a “communal” fund. At the end of eight quarters, that fund will be donated to other registered charitable organizations.5 

It is also essential to check your organization’s status on AmazonSmile, even after you have enrolled. Changes in standing with the IRS or “violations” of the AmazonSmile Participation Agreement can eliminate your organization for eligibility. 

You could be dropped if your bank account changes or even your email. While Amazon will notify you if you are dropped, you must respond promptly and fix the issue. 

Claiming your account on AmazonSmile does not cost anything. But if you don’t claim it, you could lose any donations that might accrue. 

How Do Charities Receive Donations? 

Once a customer places an eligible order, AmazonSmile applies the donation amount and puts it into a fund for that individual organization. 

Each quarter, the AmazonSmile Foundation deposits the donation funds via electronic funds transfer. Your organization should receive the funds approximately 45 days after the previous quarter ends or when the amount reaches a minimum threshold. 

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