Metal Drill Bit

The Difference Between A Wood And Metal Drill Bit?

Metal Drill Bit: The strength drill has obtained to be one of the most primary and bendy equipment that a boatbuilder needs. However, this piece of tools is virtually vain except a drill bit to accompany it.

The drill bit is the replaceable phase that you connect to the tool’s chuck. There is a huge range of specific bits that you can use, however the two most frequent are timber and Metal Drill Bit.

As such, you have to make investments in these bits by using units of specific sizes and lengths. Having them in your device arsenal will permit you to take on most of the drilling duties required for your projects.

Telling Wood and Metal Drill Bits Apart

It is comprehensible how drill bits can also appear comparable to every different to the inexperienced eye. There are positive factors that you can seem into to differentiate between the two, such as:


The first foremost issue that units these two drill bits aside is their look exceptionally due to the fact of the substances used and coatings utilized to them.

For instance, seeing that steel drill bits are greater inclined to overheating and chipping, some are covered with titanium, black oxide, and cobalt, ensuing in a gold, copper, and black or darkish grey coloured body. Meanwhile, considering the fact that most timber bits have no coating, most of them have a silver body.


Metal drill bit can burrow into more difficult cloth due to the fact of their barely angled tip design. On the different hand, wooden bits are extra susceptible to wander from its middle point. Thus, they have a sharp tip referred to as a brad for higher manipulate and accuracy.

The Problem With Using the Wrong Bit

While drill bits are effectively labeled when you buy them, having the eye to distinguish them aside will store you from a lot of trouble when you’re scouring for the proper bit in your device shed for your project.

As mentioned, wooden bits drill via tough substances that can lead to a broken bit, or worse, a broken energy drill. On the different hand, the usage of your metallic bit on wooden can end result in splintering and even cut up your fabric in half of if you’re no longer careful—something that any boat builder would prefer to keep away from after lots of hours working on a project.

The Right Drill Bit for Other Materials

While we commonly work with steel and wooden as boat builders, there are instances when a undertaking requires us to comprise different materials.

That can encompass glass and masonry, in particular for luxurious or high-end builds and repairs. Hence, it by no means hurts to have a series of drill bits appropriate for different materials.

For Plastic

You can use timber bits for plastic, even for thicker ones like acrylic or plexiglass. You simply want to use a bit with a sharpened cease at a slower speed.

High speeds can motive the plastic to soften and clog your bit in the process, specifically if it has a blunt end. The identical method applies when you’re the usage of a jigsaw to reduce plastic.

For Masonry

There are bits mainly designed for drilling thru concrete, brick, porcelain, and different masonry types. These bits are normally made with tungsten carbide and are sturdy adequate to face up to the have an effect on required to hammer via and pulverize masonry to “drill” a hole.

The motion is greater comparable to digging. As such, you shouldn’t use these bits in drilling holes in wooden on account that the outcomes will be appreciably rougher and unrefined.

For Glass and Tiles

Finally, there are bits designed for drilling via glass and tiles. They are normally geared up with a rougher, coarser tip to assist in shaving the glass bits away.

To drill glass besides breaking it, you ought to lay it flat atop a gentle material or a few layers of newspaper for support. Keep the floor sprayed with water to cool it down. You can additionally put a bit of tape over the spot that you favor to drill to add traction and preserve your bit from sliding whilst working.

Using Material-Specific Drill Bits

A boatbuilder’s fundamental weapon is their skill, however having the proper tools usually helps. Even a season crafter can nevertheless without problems mistake one device for another, mainly when figuring out drill buts that surely appear very similar.

Fortunately, there are tell-tale symptoms that can assist one distinguish which bit is which. For instance, the coloration and tip of a drill bit vary from every other. Wood bits have no coatings, normally come as silver, and have a chisel-like tip. On the different hand, steel bits are dealt with with more than a few coatings to add in addition energy and support, come in black or copper, and have barely angled tips.

Lastly, be on the lookout for different bits specially designed for different substances such as plastic, masonry, and glass if your challenge calls for it. Feel free to take a look at out Boat Diaries for greater data on boat building and different associated topics.

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