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6 Gorgeous Ways to View Instagram Photos Outside the iPhone App

View Instagram: Thanks to the wealthy and bendy real-time API presented by means of Instagram in the past this year, builders are capable to pull in no longer solely snap shots from the famous photo-sharing service, however additionally tags, locations, feedback and different data.

Since the API was once released, we’ve viewed an uptick in 1/3 birthday celebration purposes that make use of it, some of them extra correctly than others. This brings the carrier past the parameters of its native iPhone app, which used to be formerly the solely way to view snap shots posted on Instagram.

For all the buzz and exhilaration round Instagram, it nevertheless doesn’t have one reputedly fundamental thing: an respectable Website from which one can view its content material on greater than a one-off basis. Since their API grew to become available, a range of Web-based apps have sprung up. One of the greater attractive-looking ones is

Rather than making an attempt to mimick the full-fledged Instagram viewing experience, without a doubt lets you view your picture streams in a Cover Flow-style horiztonal slideshow, which can be advanced via scrolling sideways or the use of the arrow keys on your keyboard. It lamentably doesn’t show up to aid swipe gestures on the iPad, however it’s nonetheless viewable from the Web browser on tablets. additionally suggests which filter was once used when composing the photo and offers you the choice of liking photos.


Another way to view Instagram images in the browser is a by way of the use of a Web app known as Gramfeed, which we reviewed when it used to be first released. It comes outfitted with a surely exceptional UI that shows snap shots laid out in a grid or listing and plots them on a map as well. In phrases of functionality, it comes a great deal nearer to the iPhone with the potential to like photos, remark on them and observe users.


Of all the approaches to view Instagram pix on the iPad, Instagallery is possibly the one that feels the most like an respectable app from Instgram, however it’s not. Its stylish and barebones UI shows photograph streams in one of two ways: in a grid that will appear acquainted to customers of the reputable iPhone app, or in a way that higher suites the pill shape factor: as a full-screen slideshow.

Whether its your very own photos, a feed of your friends’ images, famous pics throughout Instagram or any customized search for tags, Instagallery will show them as a slideshow that can be swiped via manually or performed thru automatically.


Instamap is every other beautiful interpretation of Instagram for iPad users. You can view images in a grid layout, per usual, however as an alternative of the fullscreen slideshow view supplied by means of Instagallery, it lays photographs out on – you guessed it – a map.

This is a neat way to view Instagram content material in a way that isn’t viable in the service’s native application. In addition to a massive cluster of pix from my buddies in Philadelphia and New York, I can see images from buddies and colleagues on the West Coast, as nicely as from human beings in my community who manifest to be residing or travelling overseas at the moment.

Instamap, as its identify would suggest, is all about location. In addition to my personal photos, buddies circulation and tag-based searches, I can subscribe to areas round the world, viewing Instagrammed snap shots from different cities in actual time.

Things get actually fascinating when I subscribe to places that are greater granular than the metropolis level. I can no longer solely view pictures taken throughout my native Philadelphia, however can drill down similarly to my precise neighborhood, an intersection or a specific commercial enterprise or venue nearby.


If Instagallery and Instamap had a baby, it would be named Instaframe. This stripped-down iPad app combines a sideways-scrolling slideshow plan of pix with a map-based view displaying the place every image used to be taken. That’s exceptionally an awful lot it. The performance is relatively minimal in this one, however it stays a best way to view Instagram content material on tablets.


While it’s by means of no skill the app’s central purpose, Flipboard does let you plug in your Instagram account and view your picture streams thru the much-beloved social journal software for the iPad. Viewing Instagram pictures on Flipboard is precisely what you’d expect: it lays out your image streams plenty like a digital magazine, via which you can flip by way of swiping your finger. It’s a great contact for an app that already does so plenty and the Flipboard UI is an particularly best way to view photos. The integration helps liking, commenting and sharing pix through social media and email.

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