Here’s Why Buying Into DeFi Makes Sense, According to Earnity’s Dan Schatt& Domenic Carosa

Why Buying Into DeFi Makes Sense, According to Earnity’s Dan Schatt& Domenic Carosa

In a world where finances are heavily centralized, decentralization is a breath of fresh air for many buyers. Fortunately, new crypto buyers can easily enjoy the perks of decentralization using Earnity, a new cryptocurrency trading platform. Here are a couple of the top benefits of buying into decentralized finance (or DeFi), according to Earnity`s Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa, two platform executives.

For starters, decentralization comes with immense transparency because blockchain networks depend on a public ledger containing information about the network participants’ activities. Members of the public can easily inspect this information. In addition, cryptographic regulations require that only verified and, therefore, authentic information be recorded.

The benefit of transparency for crypto buyers is that it makes it easier to avoid and identify scams and provide due diligence. It also ensures that service providers maintain proper business practices.

DeFi also offers the benefit of opening up opportunities for new services and products. For example, DeFi can be used for lending and borrowing, savings, marketplaces, and tokenization. Such opportunities will only enhance today’s financial sector and make it more accessible and beneficial for all users. Earnity, which stands out for being a highly secure, social-driven marketplace that is simple for people all over the globe to use, is living proof of the access and benefits DeFi offers, according to Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa.

In addition to leading the new platform, Carosa is the chairman and founder of Banxa Holdings and the co-founder of Crowd Media, a metaverse- and artificial intelligence–focused company. Meanwhile, Schatt—a leading payments expert and industry speaker—maintains a track record of leading innovations for PayPal. While with the financial technology company, he drove the company’s product development and first partnerships with digital currency providers, as well as the company’s presence at physical points of sale.

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