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What Thing You Should Know Before to Choose the Best Yacht Rental

Yacht Rental: To have a good rest, you need to know that in addition to buying a yacht, which, for obvious reasons, not everyone can afford, there is also a yacht rental, with which travel becomes quite affordable.  A considerable number of people consider a yacht vacation better than a hotel vacation. Arthaud Yachting is the best company to charter a yacht for your vacation.  When planning a holiday, you must clearly define for yourself several important nuances:

  1. Clarify the number of those wishing to travel on a yacht and the corresponding number of cabins for vacationers.
  2. Determine the location of the rest.
  3. Set the period for which the trip will last.
  4. Calculate the required vacation costs.
  5. Choose a yacht.
  6. Appoint a man with experience in managing water transport as the captain of the yacht. If this is not found among the vacationers, you can invite the skipper (you may also need a sailor on the deck).
  7. Not all types of yachts can accommodate a sufficient number of tourists. The more company you have, the less choice of suitable equipment.

For one or two people, choosing a yacht is no problem, but choosing the right vessel is not easy for a company of 12 or more people. Moreover, the cost of renting a yacht increases in proportion to the number of individual cabins.

Prices drop somewhere in half from the starting cost during the period when the travel season is just beginning and at the final stage.

How to Correctly Determine the Cost of Travel

The yacht rest budget has specific components:

  • Payment for the vessel’s rental (the amount will differ sharply depending on the level of comfort and the size of the yacht). But for long-term rentals, yacht owners provide significant discounts from five to fifteen percent.
  • Payment for putting the yacht in order at the end of the trip. The cost is most often influenced by the area to be cleaned. This amount is not affected by the terms of the boat rental agreement.
  • An advance payment, which is returned. A fee is charged from this amount if there are any breakdowns on the yacht along the way. The fee is determined depending on the value of the vessel.
  • Payment for diesel fuel, paid parking near the coast, and the like. A special part of the costs goes to the maintenance of the crew of light sailing yachts. The maintenance of a motor yacht crew is quite expensive. In general, it comes out 10 – 30 percent of the price for renting any yacht.
  • A salary for a skipper if you do not have exceptional skills in boat management and do not have a certified right to operate a boat. You will have to pay the skipper a certain amount per day of work and pay for his three meals a day because such work is complicated.
  • Catering on the yacht. Such waste depends on your personal choice, taste, and habits of vacationers.
  • Fee for opening a visa and air travel. It is determined according to clients’ personal requests, depending on the chosen travel route and the list of services of the air transportation company.

What Makes Yachts Different

This light vessel has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Sailing yacht with one hull. The main positive indicator is the rather low rental price. The main disadvantage is the effect of wind force on speed capabilities. Such small sailing ships have rather small cabins and interiors.
  • Sailing catamaran. You need to pay one and a half to two times more than for a vessel with one hull and the same length to rent such a yacht. The advantage of such a vessel in comparison with a single-hull is a much lower slope and higher speed indicators. More often than not, the interior of a catamaran is more spacious than a monohull boat.
  • The yacht, which has both a sail and a motor, clearly differs in improved capabilities from the previously named types. The cost is almost the same as for a catamaran. This type of vessel has a clear correlation between the rental price and the amenities provided.

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