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What Separates the Online Coding Classes from the Rest?

Coding Classes: Every parent knows kids must learn today the skills they’ll need for the future. Technologies like smartphones and video games are not going away, and in fact, they’re growing at a steady rate in North America and around the world.

That’s why so many parents enroll their children in kids’ coding classes. But on what basis can they distinguish between mediocre and excellent programs? Let’s keep on reading to learn more.

Real Coding Languages Only

Sometimes programs rely on drag-and-drop software like Scratch when teaching kids to code rather than teach them actual coding languages that professionals use in the field. Such tools can be beneficial for young kids, but they won’t learn any immediately practical skills.

Parents should choose a coding program that teaches kids relevant coding languages, such as:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++

Getting a basic sense of how coding works is one thing. Being proficient in the coding languages professionals use to build apps and video games while learning fundamental math skills is another.

Lessons Framed Around Video Games

Kids learn best when genuinely motivated. If you’ve ever watched kids play video games, you’ve seen how transfixed they can get by screens when they feel involved in what’s going on.

In a sense, learning how to code video games becomes its own type of game for kids. They will get all kinds of long-term satisfaction and pride by creating a game they can play and share with their friends.

Look for a program that takes advantage of the hunger kids have for video games by framing lessons around gaming.

Small Classrooms

Students learn best in smaller groups, whether classes are offline or online. Ideally, the coding classes you sign your child up for should have a maximum of four students per class, and no minimum, so the class runs even if your child is the only participant.

Kids shouldn’t need to struggle for their teacher’s attention, nor should teachers have to overcome the classroom management issues that can arise with large groups of students. Look for an online coding program with a teacher-student ratio of four to one.

Young Teachers

Naturally, teachers need to be experts in their subject matter, and it’s even better when they relate well to students.

Teachers who played video games in their youth are better positioned than their older peers to teach young kids how to program video games. First-hand experience in gaming is a differentiator when working with kids.

Children should learn how to code video games from someone knowledgeable who feels it in their bones, rather than the world’s greatest computer scientist from a generation that didn’t have video games growing up.

Parents might know that learning to code is an essential skill for the future, but they may not have these skills themselves, making it difficult to know what separates one program from another. Keep all the above criteria in mind, and you’ll find a fun online coding program for your child that teaches them the fundamentals they’ll need for the future.

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