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What is Zalgo Text Controversy? You need to know

Other than memes, people have also used Zalgo text in a number of ways. The most popular usage would be that of the presidential campaign for Michael Bloomberg 2020.

Michael Bloomberg Presidential Campaign

The presidential campaign of Michael Bloomberg in 2020 brought back the memories of Zalgo Text. Many pointed out that his campaign logo was reminiscent of Z.text figures. Some people clapped at the fact ,while others resorted to claims of foul play and conspiracy theories surrounding his campaign on the basis of this symbol.

Other than political campaigns, a TikTok content creator wrote the word hamburger in the Zalgo font in his yearbook caption. The yearbook was published, and the writing was paralleled with his photograph and of the student below his photo. Moreover, Go here if you want to create zalgo text to see what it looks like.


In terms of illegitimate use, Zalgo texts has been subjected to claims of usage against messenger apps in order to crash them. For instance, the iMessage app by Apple has been unable to handle Zaldo text appropriately. Moreover, if anyone tries to use it allows it to crash the message. This is highly inconvenient.

Such uses are against the Apple users in terms of denial of service attacks. But not only Apply but Gmail by Google have also had multiple crashed messages where Zalgo text was used. This is not very encouraging to users and decreases the overall popularity of the Z. text.


If you are wondering that this is a useless digital font, you are wrong. Surprise surprise! Zalgo text has been a pioneer in starting glitch based internet art. The famous performance artist Laimonas Zakas said he was inspired by Zalgo text to create Glitchr.

Glitchr is a kind of Facebook page. It is chiefly concerned with modifying and glitching facebook code. This much has been the influence of Zalgo Text. In addition to this, it was famously picked up by creepypasta. This influential aspect of having modified characters has been very popular among fans.

The fan base has turned to see Zalgo text as a new concept. This they think contains beyond natural, unseen forces. Some fanatics go as far as to claim it a source of evil demigods. They also compare it to the work of H.P. Lovecraft is known as the Great Old Ones.

One of the most positive aspects of Zalgo text would be that it has been used in film mediums such as short films and other art mediums such as drawings. So it is clearly beyond a digital font.

Bottom Line

From the above discussion, it is evident that Zalgo Text is a complete phenomenon. It is beyond the digital world and has now appeared in multiple art forms in popular culture. The influence of it on widespread art mediums represents its significance and makes it more than a cursed digital font.

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