I miss you

A Fun Collection of I Miss You Memes

When you’re going through a tough time and someone says something like “I miss your smile,” it can be comforting to know that other people feel the same way. This is the premise of the I Miss You Meme, which includes dozens of funny memes about missing someone. To make things even more interesting, each meme has a different illustrator. So as you scroll through these hilarious memes, you’ll be able to see how each artist’s unique style influences what they think should happen next in the story.


“I miss your smile / I miss your laugh / miss your eyes / I miss the way your hair falls / I miss your laugh / I miss you.” — Ezra Koenig (of Vampire Weekend)

Evolving Demands of the Soul

“I need you near, I need to talk / I need to cry / I need to laugh / I need you to hug me / I need you / I need you / I need you / I need you to listen / I need you to care.” — Neil Gaiman

Declining Good Health

“I don’t have enough energy to be here / I can’t do this anymore / I want you to come home / I’m tired.” — Tay Zonday (of They Might Be Giants)

Disappearing Pets

“A cat runs off a cliff / And it feels like all I have left is this one photo / And when I look at it / I think it’s the last I’ll ever see / It breaks my heart.

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When the I Miss U meme makes you smile, it’s a definite win. However, when you’re reading it, don’t let the cute cartoon drawings fool you. Each one is one hundred percent real, and you’ll probably be in tears before you realize what you’re reading.

To see the entire collection, check out I Miss You Meme, which is all the rage on Pinterest.

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