Best Things to Do in Aruba

The little Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba sees in excess of 1,000,000 guests each year—and not only for the ocean front retreats and heartfelt Aruba lodgings. Explorers from the U.S. furthermore, past know Aruba for its dazzling blue waters and white sand, but on the other hand there’s tough open air experience and beautiful Caribbean culture to separate your ocean side relaxing.

The Best Things to Do in Aruba

The following are 10 of the best activities in Aruba, including some lesser-known jewels. Furthermore, before you gather your sacks, additionally consider these things you should know prior to venturing out to Aruba.

Visit Arikok National Park


Did you know very nearly 20% of Aruba is an ensured public park? Arikok National Park extends from the island’s bone-dry focus to its eastern and northern coasts, where it meets tropical blue shores and steep sea precipices.

Inside Arikok you’ll see exceptionally old desert plants and rock-face artworks. Chilling means making a beeline for its blustery beach front bays, as Boca Prins (envisioned) for distant perspectives.

Decide on a climb of the path to see brilliant quartz looking through the desert soil and succulents like aloe prospering; then, at that point, head toward the breeze turbines somewhere far off (which make a huge part of the island’s power) to encounter the close by ocean precipices and swimming spots.

Explore Caves


At the edge of Arikok National Park are obscure sinkholes overflowing with antiquated artistic creations, tapered rocks, bay windows, and (a couple) bats that make certain to cause you to feel like a genuine pilgrim. Not at all like Aruba’s sea shores, these sinkholes infrequently top off with travelers—surrendering you an extraordinary close involvement in the island’s normal arrangements. Guadirikiri Cave is a top pick for its two huge fundamental caverns associated by a “Passage of Love,” lit by lookout windows and specked with thousand-year-old Arawak Indian cavern artworks and impressions.

Discover San Nicolas

Most Aruba guests stay in the hotel immersed Palm Beach region on the north coast, yet the contrary side of the island has probably the best neighborhood sea shores and social activities in Aruba.


The San Nicolas region is home to brilliant road paintings, nearby craftsmanship exhibitions and craftsman shops, and Baby Beach—which acquired its name for its quiet, clear cove that is good for children to sprinkle in. You’ll get equivalent amounts of nature and culture in San Nicolas.

Go Snorkeling


The reasonable, quiet waters of Aruba make swimming a can’t-miss action, and there are a lot of creatures to see outside the water too. Head to Arashi Beach or Boca Catalina for immaculate waters brimming with exotic fish, or pick one of the numerous lodgings on the island that have their own swimming and natural life regions.

The Renaissance Aruba Resort in Oranjestad (Aruba’s capital) has its own private island complete with swimming, in addition to iguanas and energetic flamingos that parlor around the ocean with you.

Guests can take care of the flamingos the gave treats, in spite of the fact that food isn’t required for the pink inhabitants to walk straight dependent upon you on the delicate sands. Bright iguanas and blue reptiles relax near the ocean nearby too, and a customary boat transport takes you to and fro from the inn.

Celebrate Carnival

Caribbean objections like Aruba celebrate customary Carnival yearly, rioting in lavish outfits and veils. The bright occasions continue for quite a long time in Aruba between early January and late February. Local people and guests the same honor the custom with music, food, moving, and marches—with perfect timing for spring-break season. It’s perhaps the best thing to do in Aruba assuming you need to encounter the island close by local people.

Most Arubans communicate in the nearby language of Papiamento, in addition to Spanish, Dutch, and English. It’s a treat to hear every one of the dialects exist together on this one glad island, and the well disposed Arubans are inviting of guests.

Taste Aruban Flavors


The Dutch-Caribbean food scene is a one of a kind one that incorporates both rich European flavors from Holland just as zesty Caribbean flavors like prepared fish and singed plantains. For the last mentioned, Zeerovers’ coastline outdoor tables and seared fish bushels are island-popular and wonderful in the wake of a monotonous day at the ocean side. Neighborhood espresso, lager, and light meals are a top choice at Craft Aruba.


For heartfelt meals, Wilhelmina in Oranjestad offers Dutch-affected dishes, neighborhood fish choices, and worldwide passage. Papiamento Restaurant likewise remains consistent with neighborhood and Dutch flavors, and is situated at a noteworthy nearby house with personal tables both inside the home and on its outdoors porch.

Try not to leave the island without attempting new neighborhood fish like red snapper, mahi, and Caribbean rock lobster.

Learn About Aruban History

Aruba may be little, yet it has a long history that goes back past the Arawak Indians, who drew Arikok National Park’s cavern artistic creations around 1,000 years prior. You can find out with regards to the first Arubans and see 4,000-year-old pre-ceramic antiquities at the National Archeological Museum Aruba, or catch wind of the Dutch pilgrims and privateers that arrived here during the 1700s at the Fort Zoutman Historical Museum.

Go Sailing

Take to the Caribbean Sea with a cruising undertaking that will provide you with the full perspective on the island and a chance to encounter different swimming spots all around the same time. Attempt Tranquilo Tours for a privately driven daytime voyage around the island, with installed lunch and off-boat swimming included.

Hit the Beach


Aruba has over twelve charming public sea shores worth investigating, from Eagle Beach’s white sand and Palm Beach’s cabanas to Boca Prins’ ocean shower.

Local people and guests the same take to Druif Beach for unwinding nearer to downtown, while the quiet waters of Baby Beach or watersports at Palm Beach may likewise merit the excursion for some water sweethearts.

Buy Local Goods


A take of all your cherished Caribbean and Dutch treats makes for extraordinary Aruban keepsakes, from European cheeses and chocolate to nearby flavors and tropical jams—best found at neighborhood supermarkets. While retail shopping can be expensive on Aruba, particularly close to resorts, simply walking bright Oranjested’s shopping region merits the view.

Neighborhood artworks and merchandise made in the Netherlands or the more noteworthy Caribbean merit getting since they’ll be less expensive than they are in the States. Post for valid things like Caribbean-made papaya hot sauces and Dutch desserts. Simply make certain to proclaim cheeses and comparable food things at customs if you do enjoy.

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