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Top 10 Best Android TV Devices – Updated September 2021

Android TV arrives in a wide range of devices. From set-top boxes, to HDMI dongles, and surprisingly genuine TVs. So here we are to present to you the best Android TV devices that are as of now accessible.

For those that don’t know, Android TV is Google’s TV working framework dependent on Android. This is incredible in light of the fact that the entirety of your most loved applications from your cell phone are accessible on your TV. Furthermore, you additionally get the Google Assistant and Cast, so you can in a real sense put anything on your TV.

Top 10 Best Android TV Devices

Best Android TV box 2020

All of which make some truly extraordinary Android TV devices, that can be had for just $50. Making them extremely cheap.

Chromecast with Google TV

Google revealed the new Chromecast with Google TV last month, and it immediately became one of our number one streaming devices. That is on the grounds that it brings all the commonality of Android TV, to a more modest dongle, with a genuine remote. Which is something the Chromecast was continually absent.

Chromecast with Google TV runs Android TV, yet it has another UI on-top called Google TV. Which functions admirably. It makes it a lot simpler to discover something to watch, and the suggestions will improve over the long haul. Moreover, it has a “Live” tab for YouTube TV (other real time live TV administrations will be included the future, evidently), which makes it simple to perceive what is live on TV at this moment. Without hopping into the application, which can be a bit more slow.

The remote has every one of the buttons you’d need, including buttons to control your TV. Which makes the Chromecast with Google TV staggering, and worth purchasing.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

The Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is the best Android TV streaming gadget available at this moment. However there aren’t numerous contenders to browse. It doesn’t do 4K however, so assuming you need 4K, look at the NVIDIA SHIELD TV recorded underneath.

This stick from Xiaomi does indisputably the absolute minimum for Android TV, and that is not something terrible. It’s keeping things straightforward. As referenced, it does 1080p just, it has a gigabyte of RAM and 8GB of capacity also. Which should keep it fairly fast.

With Android TV running on the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, you will have the option to observe the entirety of your #1 motion pictures and TV shows here. From applications like YouTube, Sling TV, Fubo TV, Disney+, Hulu, Netflix and significantly more.


The NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro is the best streaming gadget for gamers, since it is additionally a gaming control center and works with GeForce Now. So you can play your #1 PC games on the big screen.

This sudden spikes in demand for Android TV, as you may have expected, and that permits it to run a lot of incredible applications. Like Fubo TV, Netflix, YouTube TV, Hulu, Disney+, HBO MAX and considerably more. There are countless games accessible on the NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro.

Obviously, with it running on Android TV, you additionally get the Google Assistant here. So you can handle your brilliant home items from your TV, discover something to watch and considerably more.

Sony A9G OLED Android TV

The Sony A9G is a BRAVIA OLED TV, and it’s the most recent model from the organization. With this being an OLED TV, you will get a truly incredible picture. With the blacks really being dark, and tones are simply going to be all the more consistent with life, contrasted with a LCD or LED TV.

Sony additionally worked with various film makers to tweak the showcase on the A9G, so it conveys the best picture quality conceivable. With X-Reality PRO, you are getting pictures upscaled to 4K lucidity, regardless of whether it is being gushed in 1080p or less. Sony has support for Dolby Vision just as IMAX Enhanced, which will give you an all out artistic experience.

There is Android TV incorporated into this TV, so you will approach huge number of extraordinary Android applications. This incorporates Netflix, Google Play Movies and TV, Hulu, YouTube, Sling TV, Amazon Prime Video and considerably more. The Google Assistant is ready and there is additionally support for Amazon Alexa.

What makes this the best Android TV accessible is the way that it has the best picture quality accessible, and Sony additionally gave Android TV enough ability to run as expected in this TV. Rather than slow and buggy like it is in different TVs available, that have Android TV worked in.

Hisense H9F Series Android TV

The Hisense H9F Series is a great section for the Best Smart TVs of 2020, as it’s an economical Android TV that is very acceptable. So it utilizes its own restrictive ULED innovation, and you’ll see it’s the just one on this rundown that utilizes ULED. Yet, it works correspondingly to QLED and OLED. Where you’re getting a more splendid picture, with better tones, however it doesn’t have the weakness of OLED and screen consume in.

Hisense additionally utilizes computerized reasoning to further develop the image quality emerging from this TV. So it is likewise going to work on after some time. There is likewise support for Dolby Vision and HDR10. This will further develop ULED considerably more, giving you an image with more unique reach. You will truly see the distinction on the off chance that you watch a TV show or film that is shot in Dolby Vision – Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have many that are.

The H9F Series is additionally an Android TV model, which implies that it has support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa worked in. This will permit you to control your brilliant TV, discover something to watch and pose different inquiries as well. This is an element that is additionally found on a couple of other this Best Smart TVs 2020 rundown as well. Android TV likewise has huge number of applications like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Google Play Movies and TV and substantially more.

TiVo Stream 4K

The TiVo Stream 4K is as of now the least expensive approach to get Android TV onto your TV set at home. It comes in at just $35, which is truly great for what you’re arriving. Furthermore, the best part is that the remote just has one supported button, and it’s intended for Netflix. One that a great many people probably will wouldn’t fret.

TiVo has remembered it’s own aide of what’s for TV here, and you can likewise see what’s on Live TV through the TiVo Stream. It’s like the Google TV interface that Google presented in late 2020, however with a hint of TiVo included.

Remember that the TiVo Stream 4K is additionally equipped for running 4K HDR content and it likewise upholds Dolby Vision.

TCL 32-inch 3-Series HD Android TV

This is a spending Android TV model from TCL. Coming in at under $150. It’s a 32-inch Full HD TV. So you’re not getting 4K nor HDR here. Yet, at this cost, you can’t anticipate getting that.

All things being equal, you actually get the entirety of your number one Android applications, just as Google Assistant and Google Cast included. Also, before long it’ll get refreshed to the Google TV interface.

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