Heads in Freezers: What is the Story Behind 241543903?

241543903 Are you wondering, what are the strangest and funniest Google search results? meme is surely one of them! Let’s have a look, what is the story in the back of this well-known phenomenon and a gallery of the satisfactory pictures:

What is 241543903 Meme?

Just strive it yourself – kind in Google – 241543903. You will get a lot of snap shots of humans inserting their heads in the freezer or fridge. And no longer simply in Google search results. Just strive to kind this random variety to Facebook or Twitter search or search for hashtag #241543903 on Instagram. Heads in freezers in all places 😀

Why? WTF? What type of prank/Easter egg is that?

What’s at the back of 241543903 Meme?

The 241543903 memes appear like one of the many Easter Eggs, that has Google put in their search results. However this time, it’s now not the case, Google didn’t begin with this phenomenon.

The Head Inside the Freezer meme first began on sixth April 2009, when a famous American artist David Horvitz posted on social community Tumblr a photo with his head in the freezer and title “241543903”.

People have been wondering, what the wide variety genuinely means. A few days later, he posted on Tumblr some other popularity with instructions:

I favor to strive an scan with Google search.
I have simply taken a photograph with my head in the freezer and posted it with a definitely random quantity 241543903.
I favor you to do the equal – take a image with your head in the freezer .
Let’s see the results!
The meme grew to be first famous in Brazil, the place David’s pal unfold the phrases via passing them to neighborhood youths on the streets thru printed fliers.

The top of 241543903 meme recognition was once in December 2010. The put up vent slowly viral due to the fact then. Hundreds of humans uploaded photos with heads in the freezers and the magical range 241543903 grew to become a well-known meme and one of the strangest Google search results.

Why wide variety 241543903?

David Horvitz later defined that he received the thinking after his pal used to be heaving headache and he recommended him to put her head in a freezer.

The variety “241543903” is a mixture of David’s fridge’s serial wide variety and the barcodes on programs of soba noodles and edamame, which had been in his fridge at that time.

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