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One Piece: Top 8 Most Defensive Characters, Ranked

One Piece filler is an arrangement known for its dangerous fights and vigorously offense-based characters. Large Mom, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, Whitebeard, and others would all be able to call down strong blows, their assaults ready to in a real sense wreck scenes and reshape the world. 

With the presence of such amazing aggressors, it just bodes well that there ought to be characters that can endure these shots and strike back. These protective characters have a significant influence in One Piece: holding the strong under wraps, and making battles even more tense as crowds attempt and estimate whether force or perseverance will win the day. 

Tony-Tony Chopper Strategizes and Defends 

A fabulous specialist in the field, Chopper takes as much time as necessary when battling an intense opponent. His principal technique is typically to just keep going long enough fighting to track down the opponent’s shortcoming, and afterward abuse it’s anything but a fast and destroying finish. His safeguard structure, where he changes into a major bundle of hide, is extraordinary at redirecting assaults – like Luffy’s Gum-Gum Balloon, with springiness exchanged for strength. Since his beast structure turned out to be effectively controllable, his strategies have changed a piece, yet Chopper is as yet one of the more strategic contenders in One Piece filler list

Gecko Moria Uses A Shield Of Zombie Underlings 

Not at all like most characters in One Piece, Moria leaves the battling to other people while he sits serenely aside. Luckily for him, his Shadow-Shadow Fruit powers are ideal for this, enabling him to raise zombies to do his offering. Moria needs to take the shadow of a living individual for this, however his dishonesty simplifies this more often than not. In any event, when entering battle himself, he frequently does as such as an administrator. During the battle among him and Luffy, Moria guided the monster zombie of Oars for most of the battle. 

Garp The Fist Wields The Toughest Armament Haki 

While Garp is in no way, shape or form ailing in hostile capacity, his sturdiness is essentially dumbfounding. He flaunts the hardest Armament Haki in every one of One Piece, no mean accomplishment thinking about the protective abilities of the arrangement’s most grounded characters. 

His clench hand has never truly been crushed by another weapon, thus his moniker. Numerous fans desire to see Garp in real life again soon as he is genuinely an amazing powerhouse. 

Franky’s Cyborg Body Deflects Most Attacks 

Outfitted with contraptions and innovation mind-boggling, the Straw Hat Pirate’s woodworker Franky’s most eminent component isn’t his body’s offense, yet its safeguard. Other than his back and mind, Franky is made totally of metal, making him almost impenetrable to most assaults that focus on his front. This incorporates slugs, cannonballs, and Haki assaults if their client is definitely not a hotshot. He was even ready to endure the titanic blast he, at the end of the day, set off at one of Dr. Vegapunk’s research centers (despite the fact that it wrecked his face a lot). 

Caesar Clown Strikes from A Distance

Another privateer who likes to have others accomplish the messy work for him, Caesar’s guard comes from a blend of his dishonesty and hesitant capacity. At the point when experienced on Punk Hazard, Caesar had a crowd of changed people, cursed things, and customary soldiers battle and work for him. After he was unable to take cover behind them any more, he depended on his Gas-Gas Fruit, which is like Smoker’s Devil Fruit in that he is vaporous and can fly. 

Rather than catching foes in Smoke, Caesar takes them out with gas, or can drain the air out of a space to forestall relaxing. By doing this, he can either curb an adversary distantly or basically escape, both emphatically guarded moves. 

Luffy in Gear 4 from One Piece 

Luffy’s capacity to get destroyed is a staple of his character now. Regardless of how often his adversaries wreck him, he’ll generally get back up until he stands triumphant. His guard is supported monstrously by his Gum-Gum Fruit, which makes him impenetrable to any assault that isn’t sharp, basic in nature, or injected with Haki. 

It likewise permits him to loosen up of the method of approaching assaults, or walk out on the client. Luffy’s sheer diligence basically can’t be topped. 

Jewel Jozu Is Nearly Impervious 

Albeit just seen once during the War at Marineford, Diamond Jozu of the Whitebeard Pirates has one of the most grounded guarded Devil Fruits in the whole arrangement. As his name would recommend, his body can solidify into a gem like substance as hard as jewels. He can in any case be crushed by certain natural assaults, similar to when Aokiji froze a portion of his body off when he got occupied. In the event that Jozu utilized weapon Haki in fight, it’s conceivable he’d be the hardest character in the whole arrangement. 

Kaido Is The Toughest Man Alive 

Named the “Most grounded Creature” in One Piece arcs, Kaido’s offense is upheld by an unmatched guard. Other than Kozuki Oden and Garp, Kaido has never endured a solitary enduring injury until the appearance of the Straw Hats on Wano. His Dragon-Dragon Fruit gives him the additional sturdiness of mythical beast scales, and joined with his Armament and Supreme King Haki, handling a significant blow on Kaido turns into an almost unthinkable assignment for even the hardest of soldiers. 


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