Dana White

Dana White Biography, Net Worth

Dana White has become an easily recognized name for battle fans. The UFC juggernaut went from a bellboy to quite possibly the most forceful, merciless, and effective money managers on the planet. On the off chance that White didn’t exist, there likely would not have been a UFC.

Regardless of whether it did, the organization would not be however fruitful as it very well might be today. Obviously, White assumed a vital part in the UFC’s prosperity.

White was brought into the world in Boston, yet he didn’t remain there for long. Subsequent to being compromised by a mobster for cash, he moved to Las Vegas, where he bought the UFC with the assistance of the Fertitta siblings [Lorenzo Fertitta and Frank Fertitta]. They purchased the organization for $2 million and introduced White as the President.

The organization flourishes under White’s initiative. The UFC’s parent organization purchased out different advancements like Pride FC, WEC, and Strike Force. White claimed a 9% stake in the organization during the Zuffa period. Eventually, the UFC was offered to Endeavor. Notwithstanding, White is as yet the President, and he claims a critical piece of the UFC now.

Dana White and Gambling

Other than advancing battles and building up contenders, White is a gifted speculator. The UFC president even got his betting cutoff points decreased subsequent to winning a lot at a Casino.

Dana White Net Worth and Salary 2021

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the UFC President has an expected total assets of $500 million. His compensation is assessed to be in any event $20 million every year.

Dana White House

The UFC President doesn’t keep down in going through his well deserved cash and purchased different houses in Las Vegas. Besides, he claims three houses in the Tournament Hills area.

Dana White Wife

The UFC President met his significant other Anne when he was in eighth grade, and the team got married in 1996. The UFC President likes to keep his better half out of the spotlight for more often than not. They have three youngsters together: Dana III, Aidan, and Savannah.

Dana White Controversies

Aside from his inclusion with a mobster, White has seen something reasonable of discussions for the duration of his life. Contenders have frequently called him out for not paying them enough.

In 2012, a meeting including Dana’s mom, June White, circulated around the web on the web. White’s mom uncovered amazing insights regarding her child, including how he turned on his family and became “unfeeling”. These subtleties are referenced in her book Dana White, King of MMA¬†An Unauthorized Biography.

In April 2020, White got analysis for attempting to continue the UFC in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. Despite the fact that his arrangements ended for some time, pundits couldn’t stop him for long.

Dana White Charity

As merciless as he might be in his business strategies, Dana actually shows at least a bit of kindness. For the duration of his life, he has made a few magnanimous gifts. He has given $100,000 to Dustin Poirier’s cause.

White gave $50,000 for a liver transfer to the girl of one of the teachers at Tiger Muay Thai. Other than that, he offered $100,000 to his previous secondary school, and $1 million to Las Vegas shooting casualties.

On July 7, 2020, he began selling UF-SEA T-shirts to fund-raise for ‘The Woodruff Family Foundation’.

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