Jill Tavelman

Who is Jill Tavelman? What is Jill Tavelman’s net worth?

Jill Tavelman and Phil Collins shared a similar type of scenario. After Phil’s legend of rock-and-roll cheating on his wife, the American actress and her ex-husband had a costly split. As a result, like Robert Herjavec, who paid his former woman Diana Plese a $263 million alimony, he had to pay the prize worth millions.

The net worth of Jill Tavelman was born on April 9, 1956, in Los Angeles, California, United States. Her height is 5 feet 6 inches tall (1.68 m). She starred alongside Billy Bush in the film Extra (1994). In addition, she is 64 years old and Aries is her love affair.

Moreover, Jill’s father was a Canadian Jewish native. He was an owner in Beverly Hills, California of a men’s clothing shop. On the other hand, Jane Hale’s mother was an artist and performer.

Professional life and career

Jill is currently managing a site called “WAVERLY ON DOHENY.” Jill is going to sell the antiquities on the site. Apart from the company of her, she also was a woman at the airport in the movie, “Buster.”

Jill Tavelman and Phil Collins’s Married Life

Jill Tavelman married Phil Collins’ husband in 1984. Afterward, on 18 March 1989, the couple received their daughter, Lily Collins, who grew up as an actress. Jill was Phil’s second wife because he married Andrea Bertorelli before, but he could not, unhappily, be the last wife. In 1996, 12 years after they married together, the couple divided.

It is astonishing that Phil Collins has employed one of the cruelest  ways to end a relationship. The 65-year-old singer sent Jill an FAX to explain how he and Lily, then just five years old, felt about them and their future. However, Jill received a massive divorce settlement of $17 million after the divorce.

The dreadful misfortune of Phil Collins and Jill Tavelman

Phil was supposed to have an affair with a woman for the second time when he sent his disgusting Fax to Jill. e began his first business in 1992 when Phil performed in LA and met Lavinia Lang, his childhood romance.

Collins and Jill Tavelman heart breaking lines

Phil and Lavinia even considered leaving their partners. But, afterward,  Lavinia changed her mind and got herself out of fear of losing her children. Jill prepared headlines for paying $4 million greater than the offered price for a house next door. It was in order to prevent it from demolishing. Solely, this payment suggests that Jill Tavelman is worth more than $10 million.

Net worth of Jill Tavelman

The massive $50 million boosted her net worth even more. She received from her divorce with Phil Collins. Lily Collins, a well-known actress, took to Instagram on Friday to wish her beloved mother Jill Tavelman a happy 65th birthday. Furthemore, on Instagram, the Emily in Paris actress, 32, posted a lovely photo of herself and her mother, Jill Tavelman. She also wrote a heartfelt greeting for her mother’s 65th birthday.

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