What is the net worth of Nelk Boys’?

nelk boys net worth

The Nelk Boys’ YouTube channel is well-known for their prank videos. This YouTube channel has 6.44 million subscribers and 925 million views (Updated April 2021). Furthermore, this popular Canadian YouTube channel receives an average of 700,000 daily views. As a result, this YouTube channel earns $3500 every single day. These daily earnings will total $2.5 million per year.

Youtube and Merchandising

Nelk Boys also run a brand called Full Send in addition to creating YouTube content. They supplement their income by selling merchandise at various Jersey beach resorts. Nelk Boys have been releasing new prank videos on their YouTube channel since 2010. Furthermore, the Nelk Boys are a YouTube entertainment channel from Canada with a combined net worth of $1.8 million. There are three people in this group. Kyle Forgeard, Jesse Sebastiani, and Steve Deleonardis are their names.

What Do Nelk Boys Get Paid?

NELK is a well-known YouTube channel run by three lovable characters. There are 6.44 million subscribers to the channel. As a result, YouTube social media is where they make the most money. Additionally, the Nelk boys have an online store where they sell merchandise to their fans.

What is the source of income for the Nelk Boys?

Although the Nelk boys are best at their YouTube videos. At the same time, they have also produced TV reality shows and sell merchandise through their websites. Finally, they list their sources of income below in alphabetical order:

  • Creating YouTube video content
  • Merchandise from the online store
  • Making reality shows for television

Making YouTube Video Content

On July 6, 2010, Kyle John Forgeard and Steve Deleonardis launched the NELK YouTube channel. On their YouTube channel, they mostly posted prank videos. Jesse Sebastiani started making YouTube content with Nelk Boys. It includes North American college culture in their prank videos, after some TV shows and documentary films.
To make their prank videos, the threesome has to go to prison several times. Nelk Boys, on the other hand, became extremely popular in a short time.

The Nelk channel has 237 videos. Each of which has received over a million views, making it a complete success for a YouTube channel owner.

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