Stacy Williams bus crime photos

Stacy Williams Bus Crime Photos, Graphics and scene.

The life of Stacy William came to an intense and brutal end. Stacy William was a glowing 21-year-old. This list of facts will examine what we know about her brief life, early end, and the events that followed her murder. So, where did Stacy Williams go?  The attacker used a large knife to attack her. It took place in the bus terminal lot in Kingstown, Saint Vincent, on Monday, December 11, 2006. Shorn Samuel trimmed off William’s right hand. Then, he hanged her body. Surrounded by stunned onlookers, he was jailed, and some of them took some shocking, graphic photos. Let’s discuss Stacy William  crime photos, scene and graphics.

Stacy Williams and her family

Shorn, Stacy Williams Samuel, and his brother lived in Vermont. It is a small farming town 12 miles north of Kingstown. At the same time, Samuel also goes by the nickname Muslim Islamaam and the names Sean Samuel and Abdul Rahim Parsons. Furthermore, Samuel started visiting his distant cousin Williams and her family. The visits, however, soon began to take a creepy turn. In addition to that William’s 14-year-old brother, Samuel, told her he wanted to marry her. Let’s move to discuss Stacy Williams bus crime photos, scene and graphics.

Stacy William’s stopped the killer to visit her home

Williams clearly disturbed by Samuel’s presence. She also told him not to return to their home. He expressed regret for his actions and continued to pay regular visits. His apologies proved to be void. William’s mother, Emelia Nanton, claims Samuel came to see Williams before she went to work. At this time, he began “assaulting” her. He used to tell her before she went to work, “I love you and you have to be my wife.” Because Williams asked him to leave her alone.   Nanton claimed she threw a bowl of Clorox in his face to force him to leave. But her death got highlights with Stacy Williams bus crime photos, scene and graphics.

On the incident day

Williams was sitting in an idling minibus at the Leeward bus terminal in Kingstown on the afternoon of December 11, 2006. She’d just finished a long, stressful day as a hospital clerk. Now, she was on her way home. Furthermore, Samuel had paid her a visit at work. He’d made an attempt to amuse her interest. He even asked if he could have a private conversation. She said, “I don’t want to talk to you.” At last, someone who had been watching the exchange confronted Samuel and asked if he was familiar with Stacy William. Then, he claimed she was a cousin of his. Williams left work at 3:45 p.m. to catch the minibus that would take her back to Vermont. Witnesses recall Samuel following closely behind, attempting in vain to trap the victim. The crowd was there who watched Stacy Williams bus crime scene, took photos and graphics.

Stacy William was travelling with her killer

The two got on the bus together. Samuel wouldn’t leave Williams alone while the minibus was idling; she walked and sat next to another woman. Williams told Samuel to leave her alone when he tried to speak with her again. Williams stood up and took a seat next to the bus driver. Samuel rose from his seat and walked to the front of the bus. In his back right pocket, a cutlass (a short saber with a curved blade) with a price tag fell out. He snatched it, stuffed it back into his pocket, and marched over to the bus’s front door, where the cousins were still arguing.

Killing of Stacy William

Samuel then pulled out his long sword and began backing at William. William jumped out of the window, fleeing for her life, after falling into the driver’s lap. Her first instinct was to seek refuge beneath the bus. Samuel ran after him, chopping as he went. One witness testified during the trial that Samuel dragged Williams out from under the bus and severed her right hand at the wrist. He began chopping at her neck as she fell to the ground. He nearly sawed off her head, leaving it hanging by a strand of skin. Samuel then held up the head, hacked away at the remaining skin, kissed William’s face, and tossed the head to the ground.

Crime Scene

Stacy William’s decapitated head found 15 feet away from her body. At last, police arrived and found her hand 20 feet away.  Shaved knowing the cops were on their way, Samuel tossed the bloody cutlass to the ground, knelt, and put his hands on his head.   The murderer appeared to be careless about his actions. When the police arrested him, he even saluted the crowd.

After her death

One week later, friends, family, and strangers gathered at the Seventh Day Adventist Church. They met to honor Stacy William’s life.  Furthermore, they were discussing how her death had knocked a hole in their hearts. Such a hole that could not be filled. Pastor Terrance Haynes gave a moving homily, urging everyone to make their lives more serious. He said, “This life we share is God’s life; life is precious.” Finally, he went on to say that we must look beyond this world and into the spiritual realm.

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